One Night in January

Counting the Cost of Homelessness

Official Trailer

Official Trailer
One Night in January: Counting the Cost of Homelessness 

Homeless means hopeless in America, where an invisible nation lives under bridges, on streets,  in vehicles, and in hidden camps in communities across the nation. Why are millions of Americans experiencing homelessness in the world’s wealthiest country?

“One Night” is slated for release in fall 2018.

Homeless Lives Matter: Is Los Angeles Skid Row the Future?

James Worley drives the streets of LA filming the impact of homelessness. (Photo @ 2018 James Worley)

James Worley is on a mission.

He has been live streaming the unfolding tragedy of homelessness to YouTube from cities like New York and Los Angeles as well as his hometown of Tampa. Without a crew, equipment or funding, he captures footage on the streets with his smart phone and streams it live to his YouTube channel.

In and out of homelessness himself, Worley is acutely aware of how devastating it is to live on the streets and his voice over comments drive home that homelessness is not about to end anytime soon, mostly because the US, the richest country in the world, lacks the political will to end the epidemic.

Some  excerpts from  Worley’s on-the-streets-in-LA videos will be featured in “One Night in January: Counting the Cost of Homelessness.”

You can follow Worley’s live stream coverage of homelessness on FaceBook or his website and watch new video on his YouTube channel. 

Deadlines: The best laid plans…

A homeless woman camps out of sight, but not out of memory. (Photo, Roger Noe © 2018, )

For those of you who are wondering when “One Night in January” will be released, we have an answer of sorts. We had hoped to release the film in April 2018, but we missed our deadline due to circumstances beyond our control, and at this point can only say we hope to  be finished this summer with a release in September/October.

We have a heartfelt obligation to everyone who helped us tell this important story. We will bring that story to the light, and in the process, make the film the best it can be.

Please light a candle for this project, and one everyday for the millions who are still  living in darkness.

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