One Stormy Winter Night

Mrs. Josephine Morrison  —Photo: © 2019 David Wood

Mrs. Josephine Morrison —Photo: © 2019 David Wood

We first heard her name mentioned at The Shades of Grace, a storefront church in Kingsport, Tennessee, that ministers to the city’s homeless population under the guiding hand of its pastor, Will Shuey, assisted by volunteers like Rev. Michele Beck.

Mrs. Morrison, we were told, inspired a movement to build the first Kingsport day center for people experiencing homelessness. At 102, Mrs. Morrison still burns the torch of compassion and service to others.

During her interview for the film, we asked her what prompted her to initiate the day center project. In her usual modest way, she explained that she was leaving church one stormy winter night when a sudden flash of lighting prompted her to ask the question, “Where do you suppose homeless people go on a night like this?”

The answer was a group of concerned citizens who meet regularly at a Kingsport church to formulate the new day center plans. As part of their due diligence, the group has visited day centers in Charlotte, and nearby Johnson City.

We wish them luck. We’ll keep you posted here on their progress.